Saturday, January 14, 2012

Close but no Cigar!

Recently I was intrigued by a company that offers what looked like an interesting way to earn a bit of supplemental income. Sooo, I gave it a try keeping some reservations, and thought I'd lay out the pro's and con's for you...


  • The pitch for the program was seemingly transparent, which is huge with me. That's what I look for. Tell me what you want me to do up front and don't waste my time! 
  • The word free was used about 1,000,000 times while watching the first introductory video, which took about 5 minutes or so. Then, if your fancy has been tickled, you can decide to be directed to another video that lays out the whole program. This video takes about 1/2 an hour, and is done with a seemingly honest approach. There wasn't some guy jumping around on a yacht screaming you'll make millions. In this video, you are taken through everything you'll need to know to get started. Throughout this time, the word free was used about 18,000,000 times. The good thing is, the host described why everything's free, and seemed to hide nothing.
  • The payout seemed honest. I love that. Again, the host was up front about approximately how much you'll get paid, how often, etc...
  • I was starting to get depressed but kept my chin up when I was instructed as to how you start, which is as follows:
  1. You give your e-mail and basic information. No problem. I already know what this is about, so I don't take issue with giving a little bit of info. It's the sites that demand your info in order to find anything out that I loathe. Junk mail central!
  2. Here comes the almost depressing part... You need to sign up with a few free to try products. Just make sure you cancel before the trial is over. OK, that explains the everything's free part. See one of my previous posts to learn what I feel about free to try. Why is this in my PRO's section? Because you don't have to keep doing it in order to continue with the program. You bite the bullet, do it, then move on and you can start making money by posting ads everywhere.
  3. There are several tools that they put at your disposal for marketing purposes. Sites are provided where you can advertise. Many familiar faces in that list. 
  4. You can make money via convincing other people to do everything you just did. Why that is good is it seems like this company has put allot into this system, and everything is already created for you. you just do the footwork. 
  • Let's get back to those free trial offers because as I can see it, this is the only con that screams at me. As stated above, in order to move along making money (or at least being able to give it your best shot), you need to complete some free trials. In the video, you are kinda led to believe that there are plenty of free to try offers available to choose from, with some that you need to pay or purchase mixed in. Well I found it the other way around. There are many that cost, and at the time I checked it out, there were only a small handful that were completely free to try.
  • Point system... In order to move on, you must have at least one point. Not bad... But the points for the free offers are less than half a point. I saw one for .35 of a point. So if you wanted to keep it free, you'd have to do several in order to achieve that point. The offers that cost of course give you the complete point. Now, if you really want to make money, there's yet one more bigger and better paying program that you need to complete offers for. The problem? They were more of the same thing.
Well, I didn't move much farther than that. I had absolutely no interest in any of the offers. They're the same old offers that have been around for years. You see them allot when you click an ad for winning an iPod or a new computer. If you've ever followed the ads around trying to get your new free computer, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I may have moved forward with it if there were free to try offers that caught my attention... Something I found interest in. But I wouldn't just for the sake of doing it. What if I got stuck with whatever I tried, either forgetting to or not canceling in time? Would it be something I would be willing to pay for otherwise?

I am in no way calling this company a fraud by the way... Like I previously stated, they were pretty up front about mostly everything. These are my observations & I made my own decisions by them. If you want to know who this company is, just to be sure you don't waste your time with this program, or maybe you like the sounds of it, let me know & I will tell you. But I'm not out to build up or break anyone down, so I'm not going to post the company's name.


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